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As a resident of Washington Township for over 20 years I've become very familiar with the municipality, as well as the surrounding areas. I work in Gloucester, Camden, Burlington, and Salem counties. Having the right real estate agent means having an agent who is 100% fully committed to helping you buy, or sell your home! The greatest part is helping people find a solution to there real estate problems, whether you are interested in buying or selling!

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The Current State of the Gloucester County Real Estate Market in April 2023

As we move further into 2023, the real estate market in Gloucester County continues to be a hot topic of conversation. With low inventory and high demand, the market has remained competitive and-

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Tips to Create a Home Inventory

Tips to Create a Home Inventory:Home is a safe place to keep all your belongings. But disasters can strike at any time. Mostly, people have insurance to compensate for the damages but, what if any

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When's the Best Time to Buy A Home?

When Is the Best Time in Your Life to Buy a House?There's no magical age or life stage at which you'll know for sure exactly when to buy a house. There are, however, a few factors you'll want to

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10 Proven Strategies to get More Money for your House!

Do not even THINK about Selling your Home.First things first. You need a strategy. As a personal thank you for coming to my websitePlease download my free E-Book "The Ten Proven Strategies to

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